Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Family - Scott AFB Famcamp

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 75 Lo 46 -- Yesterday (Saturday) was spent in the kitchen most of the day. I offered to make dinner for the family so I made the chicken and dumplings that I always make when we visit our other son, Rick. Angie and the grand boys had never had them. I cooked the chicken at home, then at 4:00 we went to Frank's and I finished the meal there. Along with the chicken and dumplings we also had salad, corn, and some cooked apples for dessert. They all loved it, I could tell because they all had seconds.

After dinner we brought the boys back with us to spend the night with us in the RV. It will probably be our last time having them overnight. They're growing up to be fine young men, and spending a night with grandma and grandpa probably won't be high on their list of things to do. Kyle will be driving the next time we see him and Kendall will be 13. It’s been fun watching them grow up.

Kendall, Jim and Kyle. The boys are wrapped in the afghans that I made for them.

This morning (Sunday) we were up early to get the boys home to get ready for church. After church we all went to lunch, then we came we came back home for awhile before going to Kendall’s football game later in the afternoon. The game was at the high school which is just one block from their house.

Kendall is #55

We watched the game (the Little Panthers lost), then had a pizza and came home.

Since we're leaving tomorrow here's a review of the Scott AFB Famcamp. The park is just eight miles from the family and we really like staying here, but with no sewer hookup we have to hitch up and move to the dump station to dump our tanks if we stay more than a week or so.

Our site
2014-10-20 Scott AFB famcamp (17)

Bath house
2014-10-20 Scott AFB famcamp (14)

There are several pavilions on the small lake, which are busy most Fridays with military unit picnics.
2014-10-20 Scott AFB famcamp (3)

One section of the famcamp is in the open with no trees (the one we try to get).
2014-10-20 Scott AFB famcamp (13)

And the other (older) section is very wooded.
2014-10-20 Scott AFB famcamp (15)

There’s three lakes nearby.
2014-10-20 Scott AFB famcamp (5)

Fall is here.
2014-10-20 Scott AFB famcamp (10)

It’s going to be in the 30’s next week. We’re glad we’ll be on our way tomorrow morning. Since tomorrow is a travel day our next blog will be in two days.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Oh, I bet your chicken and dumplings is really good. Way back when, my grandma used to make the best chicken and dumplings and, oh how I loved it. Have never tasted any as good as hers since. Maybe it is a case of memory makes the heart grow fonder.

Gypsy said...

I haven't had chicken & dumplings in years. Your dinner sounds so good. The photo of the tree makes me so homesick for that part of the country.

Phyllis said...

I try to explain to Leonard, after the grandkids get to a certain age, they have other priorities than spending the night with us old folks. We still get to enjoy our time with the little ones, and cherish what time we do get with those who are older.

Safe travels

Jim and Judy said...

Getting to be time to head SOUTH. Safe travels.

Speedy said...

Sorry I have been remiss in posting but I have been real busy with this house. Looks like we are getting ready for another life style change. It has been too long off the road. Stay tuned for more info...

Joe Sherri and Kris