Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bismark to Fargo

(Casselton, ND) Hi 80 Lo 53 -- We had a great travel day. No rain and the temp was perfect. It was only three hours to Fargo, with very little traffic for it being the Labor Day holiday.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to see along the way. I saw a sign that said biggest Sandhill Crane in the world. I just happened to see it as we were passing the exit. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)


We noticed something else odd that we’ve never seen. All along I-94 we saw hundreds of bales of hay (or something) in the fields, but we also saw many bales lying on the highway side of the fence. We’re not sure why they were lying outside the fence. Any farmers out there with an answer?


We love the fields of Sunflowers. It's a real pretty yellow and no matter where the sun is, that's where they pointing.

The closer we got to Fargo the more the clouds were building up. We knew there were going to be storms later in the evening. I took a picture of the clouds this time because they were pink. I even asked Jim if he thought they were pink, just in case I was seeing things.

2014-09-01 pink clouds in the background from bismark to fargo nd (1)

We arrived at Governors RV Park in Casselton, about 20 miles west of Fargo, and sure enough after we got set up we got a storm. It passed by north of us, but we heard lots of thunder and saw lightning. It also created a rainbow.

2014-09-01 storm in casselton ND near fargo (4)

2014-09-01 storm in casselton ND near fargo (2)

Today we took a drive to downtown Casselton, which is about a mile down the road. It’s a bedroom community with lots of neighborhoods and a tiny, two-block long downtown area with a few stores and a couple of bars. We did find a good local pizza place for lunch. We also went to West Fargo to Walmart. We just went shopping a couple of days ago, but it seems we always think of something we forgot to get, or suddenly run out of something we need. On the way back home Jim spotted the familiar blue roof of a Culver’s, our favorite fast food restaurant. We’ll be going back there tomorrow for lunch! :)

I did a lot of cleaning today and Jim did the laundry, so it was mostly a day of chores.

See you tomorrow.


Betty Graffis said...

When we were in Fargo an Moorehead, Minnesota, we were told by the locals, The farmers put in bids in certain areas of the highway to cut and bale the hay. Highway department doesn't have to cut and the farmers get the benefit of the hay.

Gypsy said...

I spent an overnight in Fargo last year, and as soon as I pulled into the motel parking lot I found one of my tires was flat. There was a lot of construction that I had to drive through, and I picked up a huge nail. AAA was going to take an hour or so to get there, but one of the folks at the motel told me about a good place a few streets over. They pulled the nail & fixed the tire in no time and for a very reasonable charge. So I have a good memory of Fargo although I really didn't see much of it.

Kevin and Evelyn said...

The Fargo visitor's center is rather interesting. They have a display from the movie Fargo. You can take your picture with the wood chipper. There is also a full scale replica of a viking ship in Moorhead.

Bob and Vicky said...

Welcome to the Midwest. I lived in Fargo for a couple years was a great place, my wife has many relatives in the area and we always enjoy our visits. We are in New London, MN, just south of I94 at Sauk Center about 30 miles. Will be heading back to TX in late October.

justmealmn said...

I agree with the first comment about the local farmers bidding to cut the grass in the ditches and bale it for their animals.

justmealmn said...

I agree with the first comment about the local farmers bidding to cut the grass in the ditches and bale it for their animals.