Sunday, April 13, 2014

Galveston Island – Grilling is the Best!

(Dickinson, TX) Hi  73 Lo 62 -- If you recall from yesterday's post, we bought some fresh seafood at nearby Seabrook. Last evening Jim got out our Weber Baby Q gas grill and brother Johnny showed us how he grills fish. He cooked up four huge Red Snapper fillets, while Jim "supervised".


I made some sides of baked beans and mac & cheese, and cantaloupe for dessert. Boy did we have a great feast!

Today Johnny came over and spent another day being our tour guide. We went to Galveston, which is about 22 miles south of us. It's amazing how many refineries there are in this area. They make the whole area very industrial looking, which takes away from what should be an attractive vacation spot.


We had lunch at "Shrimp and Stuff," a highly rated seafood place that Jim found on the "Yelp" app on his smart phone. Then we drove all around Galveston Island. Here's a few photos of the area.


In some areas you can drive right out on the beach (for a fee).

It was a gray day, and threatening rain, and the Gulf was pretty choppy.

This pier still shows damage from one of the many hurricanes that passed through this area.

There were a lot of people swimming, even in the very rough water. We checked out a few RV parks on the island. They were nice, but too expensive for our budget.

After we saw enough of the island we went to Johnny’s for dinner. He shares an apartment in a very nice complex with two of his co-workers.


There's a pond right below their second floor apartment, and Johnny fishes off the balcony.

He cast out his line and within seconds he yanked a small fish right out of the water and over the small fence onto the grass. He ran down the stairs and released it back in the water.

Johnny does all the cooking and the other two guys clean up. The guys had steaks and I had chicken, grilled on the balcony.



Nice T-Bone steaks!

My perfectly cooked chicken breast, along with seasoned vegetables and homemade french fries. Johnny is quite a cook!

The food was delicious, and we all got very stuffed! We stayed and visited awhile, then we finally had to say goodbye to Johnny. He has to go back to work tomorrow, so this will be the last time we see him on this trip. It was so great spending the last few days with him, and we hated to leave. It's always wonderful to visit with family, but so hard to part again.

We got back to the RV just as darkness was falling. It’s still very windy. The wind hasn't stopped since we've been here. Surprisingly it wasn't very windy at all at the coast earlier today. Our park is in a cove that seems to funnel the wind. We may get some bad storms tomorrow. We'll hope for the best.

See you tomorrow (if we don't blow away).  :)


SallyB said...

What a great visit and so much fun !!! The meals looked so yummy .... First time I have ever seen fishing off a balcony .....that was a riot !! Also, enjoyed the tour on the ship yesterday .... Keep HAV'IN fun !

Janice L Evans said...

our old stomping grounds. . .in fact we lived in Dickinson, in our RV, for the last five years of our careers. . .

Glad you are enjoying our little part of the world. . .


Speedy said...

Where did you stay in Galveston. Did you get to ride the ferry? We love it down there and will be there in November and December of this year