Saturday, March 1, 2014


(Avon Park, FL ) Hi  78 lo 54 -- We’ve had a lot of fun the last couple days. I’m trying to learn all the technology in our new car. Jim has fallen in love with it, and he plays and experiments with the navigation system, bluetooth phone, and audio system while I drive. It’s going to be quite comfortable traveling this summer out west.

Here's a picture of the front end. It looks like a smile. Maybe we'll name it "Smiley".  Smile

Thursday, Kevin and Vi came down to see us from Cedar Key, FL, which is about two hours from here. We met them in NC when they were researching RV's and preparing to go full time. We offered them advice and shared our experience transitioning to the full time lifestyle. They're now starting their second year on the road and are very happy. Thanks for visiting Kevin and Vi.


On Friday we had more visitors. George and Laurel drove a couple hours down from Altoona, FL for a visit. We saw them in South Carolina at the Carolina Clan Rally this past October. They're workamping this summer at the Ocala National Forest. They also know Jim and Judy, so we walked over to the clubhouse to join Judy as a spectator and watched Jim compete in a shuffleboard tournament against a group from a nearby RV park.


The six of us went out to lunch then came back to the park for more visiting before George and Laurel had to leave. Thanks for coming down guys, we enjoyed your visit.

Dee, my Jim, Judy’s Jim, Judy, Laurel and George.

We have loved meeting so many new friends who share our interests. Getting to visit, and visits from, our friends is what makes this lifestyle so special.

Today Judy and I spent the morning at the pool. Its great today with no clouds and a warm sun. We can’t lose our tans! :)  My feet are white, so I’m trying to tan them up a bit.

Jim did some cleaning and sorting of stuff in the basement and his tool box. It's amazing how things get disorganized and spread out when you sit for weeks.

Yesterday, I got a call from my doctor, which really surprised me. He gave me all the results from my blood tests. I’m in fine condition. I had a few tests to see why I'm having headaches. Everything turned out ok, so the doctor is sure it’s a muscle in the back of my neck that gets strained when I crochet. I’ll have to move around more when I crochet and do some exercises. He said I don’t even have to lose more weight. It’s good to know we both are in good shape for our summer travels.

We have a pig pickin' luau here in the park this evening. I’ll tell you about it in the next blog post in three days.


Gypsy said...

Glad you are so happy with the car, and Smiley seems like a perfect name. I would dread having a brand new model because I don't want to be bothered with all the technology!

Laurel Owen said...

We had a great time seeing all of you! I sat outside all day today too. Nice day!

Jim and Judy said...

We are going to need a vacation to get over this vacation.

Speedy said...

We hope to have some good weather this coming week. Kris is out of school and we are headed to the lake for some fishing and hiking.