Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving - Our Friends are Back - Football

Thursday, November 28 (Hi 68 Lo 38) -- Our park puts on a great feast for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had around 140 people today for the Thanksgiving dinner. The park owners provided the turkeys, which were cooked by resident volunteers, and everyone brought side dishes. There seemed to be a lot of different cranberry sauce dishes this year, which was a topic of conversation. We saw people we remember from past years, and also quite a few new people. It was a great meal, and we were stuffed! When we got home we got calls from the kids, then Jim watched football in between recliner naps. :) I forgot to take pictures this year. That's a first.

Friday, November 29 (Hi 74 Lo 53) -- I finally got to sleep late this morning. It's been awhile that I didn't have to get up early for something. In fact, I missed going to the crocheting group that started 10 because I wasn't up in time. I'll make it next week.

Jim has settled into his routine of walking every morning. I'm still working on catching up with TV shows and deciding what activities I want to do during the day. The schedules are the same as last year. We didn't go out for any of the Black Friday madness. We do most of our shopping online anyway, which is much more convenient. We're back to playing cards three nights a week with the same group we played with last year. It's great to be playing again with all the laughs and fun.

Our friends Jim and Judy arrived today from Georgia. We got to see them a bit after they got set up. They arrived a day earlier than expected, and it's great to have them back in the park. Jim did the laundry today, and we sat outside for awhile under the awning. There was a cool wind, but the temperature was in the mid 70's. We played cards tonight, with Jim and Judy joining us.

Our cards group: Dick, Judy, Jim, Sandy, Bill, Kathleen, Leona, Doris, Dee, and Pat.

We came home and watched the Garth Brooks special on TV, then to bed. 

Saturday, November 30 (Hi 72 Lo 54) -- It rained lightly off and on all day but the temperatures stayed nice so we sat outside with Judy and Jim for awhile. It's nice to be relaxed and not have to do anything. :)

Jim walked 4 1/2 miles today, so he's doing well in his walking routine. The rest of the day we just did a whole bunch of nothing. I did take a few pictures of where we're parked this year. We're really liking the new spot. It's far enough away from the night club next door to the park that we don't hear their noise on the weekends. 


We visited with Jim and Judy again and watched the crazy ending of the Alabama vs. Auburn football game. We then came home and watched TV for awhile before bed.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Enjoyable times you are having. Friends make the everything better.

Gypsy said...

I'm impressed with 4-1/2 miles! I can't wait until I can do that again.

Donna W. said...

Great going Jim on the walking, I'm still working on trying to get Sam to walk further than the kitchen to the bedroom. Didnt watch the Mizzou game huh...they won doing so good.