Monday, August 12, 2013

Checking Out the Base

(Joint Base Cape Cod, MA) Hi 75 Lo 59 -- It was raining a little when we got up, but it didn’t last long. We’re tired from two days of on the go sightseeing, so today we took it a little easier and took a drive around the base, or what there is of it.

President Obama is on vacation at nearby Martha's Vineyard, and it turns out he landed here at the Air National Guard Base, which is part of Joint Base Cape Cod. We drove over to the runway and there it was, Air Force One sitting on the flightline.

This is the second year in a row the President has landed at a base where we were staying. Last year he flew in to Buckley AFB, CO to meet the families of the victims of the Aurora Theater shooting. We were staying at the Buckley famcamp at the time.

We drove randomly around the base, amazed at how big and empty it is. There are roads through areas that aren't used anymore. Most of this used to be Otis AFB, but it was closed years ago and now it has a few small units of the Air National Guard, the Army National Guard, and an active Coast Guard base. We were surprised to see this coyote in the grass. There were three more, and it took us a minute to determine they're not real. I guess they were put out there as "coyote scarecrows."

When we got back to the RV Jim did a small repair job on our bathroom ceiling vent. A couple of screws fell out of the handle and he had to go up on the roof to remove the Maxxair vent cover to get to it. I remembered to clean the back window of the car. It’s one of those things you don’t remember to do until you’re in the car and it’s so dirty you can’t see behind you.

We still have a couple more days. We’ll check out Cape Cod a little more tomorrow.


Bernie $ Linda Perry said...

Visit New Bedford, at one time whaling capitol of the world. Visit the Whaling Museum on Johnny Cake Hill there is a replica whaling vessel in the museum and across the street is Seamen's Bethel of Moby Dick fame. Be sure to check out the pulpit. The surrounding area still has some of the old buildings and many of the old whaling captains mansions still exist.

Bernie&Linda Perry

Speedy said...

O-Bama's vacation money sure could be used to help Oklahoma build tornado shelters for the schools there. I think of the $100,000 they spent on vacations not too long ago...but then that is only poor little school children. Our government at work!