Friday, May 3, 2013

Checking Out the Area - Surprise Visit

(Clarksville, TN) Hi 72 Lo 51 -- Cloudy and windy, but a good day to check out the area. Being a wine lover, I noticed a sign for Beachaven Vineyards and Winery. I had to check that out. It's a small winery, and we were offered a free tour, just the two of us. It’s always interesting to see how different wineries vary in their wine making process.

This is the bottling machine. It's small size tells you this is a small operation.
2013-05-03 Beachaven Winerty clarksville, TN (3)

They may be small, but they make very good wine. We sampled several of their varieties, and I bought two bottles.

Their vineyard covers only 12 acres, with three different kinds of grapes.
2013-05-03 Beachaven Winerty clarksville, TN (8)

After our wine excursion we took a drive through downtown Clarksville. It's a small city (around 120,000 population). There's a small park along the riverfront of the Cumberland River, but due to some recent flooding it was kind of a muddy mess.

2013-05-03 clarksville TN (4)

2013-05-03 clarksville TN (5)

We came back to the RV park and I did walk around the park. The park used to be a KOA and was bought by a retired military couple who were fulltimers for nine years before settling down.

This is the office. Definitely looks like it used to be a KOA.
2013-05-03 clarksville TN (7)

The pool is next to the office, but it’s not open yet.
2013-05-03 clarksville TN (8)

There’s two cute cabins available for rent.
2013-05-03 clarksville TN (9)

While I was walking around I got a phone call from our friends Cindy and Ken to ask if there’s a site available in our park. Cindy read my post on facebook that we're in Clarksville, which is on their route from Illinois to Florida. They were only 90 miles away, so I went to the office and reserved a site for them and they showed up about 6:30. We went to a local restaurant for dinner and a couple of hours of catching up. We then came back to our rig and talked for another hour or so. They're leaving early tomorrow morning so we called it a night. It was so nice seeing them. In this lifestyle you never know when you'll run across friends on the spur of the moment. I love it!

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Jim and Sandie said...

Do you guys belong to Harvest Hosts? You stay at vineyards (most with no hookups) for free for the night.