Wednesday, January 9, 2013

All Park Activities are in Full Swing

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 81 Lo 66 -- This is Florida at its finest, with wonderful warm temperatures. If you like the cold, stay north. This is our heaven. It was already 71 when I got up this morning. Starting today was a "second shift" shuffleboard group at 10am for people like me that don't get up early. I made myself a promise to play at least three days a week. There were only five of us today, but hopefully that number will increase as more people find out about it. Just remembering it is the hardest part.

I got back home at 11:30 and got something to eat then went to the Avon Park library to pick up some DVD's that Jim had reserved. It's the first season of "Homeland." We saw season 2 this year on Showtime and we're looking forward to seeing season 1. I also got a book for myself titled "Heaven is for Real." It's about a boy that comes back from a near death experience and describes what heaven is like. It was highly recommended by our friends Jon and Kathleen. I'm hoping to have it read over the weekend.

After I got back from the library I went over to the Bible Study group. It was the first meeting for this season, and there was a great turnout. There were 23 people, last year we had around 12 people on a good day. It was great. When that was over I stopped and chatted with some gals sitting outside that I knew from the crocheting group. One is a great friend with one of the RV-Dreams chatters. I stayed a couple hours chatting with them.

Jim hung around the rig again today, but is starting to feel better. He's still coughing but his temperature is down. He's not as miserable, so hopefully he'll be up and around more tomorrow. The poor thing, he said he feels like a leper. Everyone is avoiding him. :(

I had a couple hours to watch some recorded shows and crocheted awhile, got dinner, then went for a walk with Judy at dusk. It was still 79 degrees with a nice breeze. I may be doing more walking in the evening hours. I'm getting too busy during the day. What a great day!


Barbara said...

I've read "Heaven is for Real". It's hard to believe it all, but also just as hard to refute. You're going to be amazed at this little boy's memories!

Karen and Al said...

I also read Heaven is for Real and enjoyed it. There is another book on the line written by a doctor. Can't remember the name.

We just finished watching the second season of Homeland. really gotta watch season one.

You might also like Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire and Walking Dead. All good series.

Looking forward to seeing you at the rv show next Wednesday.

Speedy said...

Sherri just told me that she is playing a game with you as I read your journal. That sounds like the kind of weather we are looking for. I guess we will have to find us a spot down there for us next that lets you have a child rather than a pet...LOL