Monday, November 19, 2012

Waiting For Our Internet

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 58 Lo 55 -- I slept in this morning to catch up for the past few days. It was cloudy and cool so a nice day to just do nothing.

I've learned I'm going to have to change my ways a lot if I want to do any activities. We looked over the list of activities and nothing goes on after 1:00 on most days. Most everything starts at 8 in the morning. I noticed on the other parks that it's the same way. Shuffleboard is at 8am, that's really not good, besides being colder that time of the morning. That's just too early to get the bones moving. I'd much rather play in the afternoon. I guess I'll have to find a few people who would like to play in the afternoons.

We had to hang around today to wait on a Century Link serviceman to come out to connect our DSL internet. Of course, he was due "no later than 7pm." Around 5 he still hadn't come, so Jim called the local Century Link office and they said the guy had already completed our connection. Jim went out behind the rig to the pedestal and hooked up a phone line, ran it inside through a rear window to the wireless modem, and sure enough we were connected. The guy must have snuck behind the rig and set up the connection without even letting us know he was here. We now have internet and it's fast! We could have had it all day if we'd known. Go figure!

We had dinner then went over to the clubhouse to play cards. We love the laughing and joking with the group. It was a great time. At 9:00, ("RV midnight") we came home, watched some TV and I was back in the chat room.


Janice L Evans said...

totally with you on the early bird stuff. . .even if I'm up. . .I'm not ready to get out and about until at least 11. . .love the 9PM is "RV midnite". . .cute!

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Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

I'm sure your phone man did your connection at some local cabinet in the main part of the camp ground.... Your pedestal was connected to the cabinet all along... just dead..

I am a late riser too, but tend to hang out all night on the internet without being able to go to sleep.. Rod

Elaine said...

glad you got the internet straightened out..surprisingly the free wifi in this park is good and strong..I was impressed...things all start later here...from around 10am on..which isn't too last night went on until after quilting group yesterday morning the gals were telling me that games etc end when everyone is ready to leave no set time..I'm an early riser but like my hour or two of blog reading and coffee before doing anything else..have a super day

Karen and Al said...

Glad you got your internet. We have free wifi in this park and after the summer upgrade it's been working great.

We're early risers, but we don't seem to get moving very early...unless we're in some place fun....which we aren't at the moment!