Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

(Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL) Hi 78 Lo 50 -- I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! 


We weren’t sure what we wanted to do today. We thought we’d go drive around Montgomery, but with nothing open on this holiday, and wanting to save gas, we decided to stay in.

I baked my first cake in the convection oven. I heard about way of making a cake with club soda instead of eggs, so I wanted to try it. It came out perfect. It’s 1/2 the calories. (Jim says that means he can eat twice as much.) I took a box cake, stirred in 12 oz. of club soda, put it in two shallow cake pans, and baked it all for 35 mins at 350 degrees in my microwave convection oven.

I played games and Jim watched sports. I walked around the park and down the road that goes along beside the base runway. It’s really nice.

2012-4-8 maxwell afb montgomery AL (24) (800x600)

This is the laundry and restrooms.
2012-4-8 maxwell afb montgomery AL (23) (800x600)

Individual shower/restrooms.
2012-4-8 maxwell afb montgomery AL (17)

Pavilion with grill. Lots of room for parties.
2012-4-8 maxwell afb montgomery AL (20)

The lake, looking toward the campground.
2012-4-8 maxwell afb montgomery AL (31) (800x600)

Looking the other direction away from the campground.
2012-4-8 maxwell afb montgomery AL (32) (800x600)

I didn’t spend much time at the lake because….
2012-4-8 maxwell afb montgomery AL (25) (600x800)

I’m not fond of snakes.

A couple of rigs pulled out today and others were making preparations to leave tomorrow. There aren't very many in the park.

Jim cooked some ribs on the grill and I made a couple of side dishes. The weather was so beautiful that we ate outside on the picnic table. We’re on the way to Mississippi tomorrow, another new state for Tumbleweed.


Elaine said...

you will love Mississippi...we sure safe

Speedy said...

We just got back from Mississippi last month and visited with John and Bridget Hatch. We love going through that state...really we love going through all the states!..LOL

Joe and Sherri

Allen and Lolita DuGuay said...

Seem's like the Club Soda would make the cake nice and light, sure will have give it a try. Enjoy your drive over to Mississippi.

Donna W. said...

I'm not really afraid of snakes, spiders are my phobia,but when you are near a lake you do have to be careful of water moccasins, (or as we called them as kids cotton mouths)and copper heads.
Had quite a few when we had our pond.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Snakes, why does it always have to be snakes???!!!

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Once again, I have to agree with Paul!

You inspired me and today, I made a Diet Coke Spice Cake in a bundt pan. I'm impressed! It came out light and moist, so nice to have for a low calorie sweet snack.