Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quiet Day with Afternoon Rains - New Friends

(Millersburg, IN) Hi 79 Lo 62 -- Cloudy start to the day with humidity, so we knew it was going to rain sometime today. We watched the radar because there was a threat of severe storms here in the Midwest. Luckily we only got rain later in the day.

Mid-morning another Carriage fifth wheel came into the park, and right behind it a Tiffin Phaeton motorhome.  I think they were traveling together, but the MH really looked out of place in our park.

Neither of us did anything today. We both read most of the day. Jim read on his Kindle, and I got caught up on blogs on the PC. I played computer games later in the afternoon. It was a very relaxing day.

We made arrangements to meet with some friends for dinner at the Middlebury Hill Restaurant at 5:00. Hank & Selene are our good friends from our pre-fulltime life in the Raleigh, NC area. They're part-time travellers in their fifth wheel, and they plan to go fulltime within the next couple of years. Jay is one of my chatter friends from the RV-Dreams chatroom, and it was great to meet him and his wife Stella. We were a little late because we got behind a truck with an oversize load. He was pulling a trailer with some sort of huge tank. It was escorted by several police cars.

Passing to the right.

We had a wonderful time at dinner. We had an energetic young waitress with a great personality, and we enjoyed "harassing" her for the whole evening. She played right along and we were all laughing the whole time we were there. Our four friends attended the Passport America Rally in Goshen this past week. After three wonderful hours of good food and good conversation we parted with hugs all around. We'll see them again "down the road".

L to R: Stella, Selene, Jim, Hank, Jay, and Dee

We got back to our home after dark and settled down for what we thought would be a quiet evening when around 10pm we heard some really loud booms. We went to our rear window and saw the sky light up with bright flashes just to the north of us. We went outside to check it out and it turned out to be a fireworks show. Everyone in the park came outside to watch. Someone said it was "Farmers' Day" today here in Millersburg, so we assumed that was the occasion for the show. It was a good show, about what you'd see on a typical fourth of July in a small town. A nice way to end another good day of a good life.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I think that "huge tank" you saw on the road may have been part of a windmill tower headed for a wind farm somewhere. Those things are unbelievably huge.

Charlie and Peggy said...


Jay is our Heartland Chapter Leader and great guy. Stella is great also. Tell them Charlie said HI! Hope to see them in Canton in October.

squawmama said...

How great that you got to hook up with your friends and enjoy a fun meal! And Wow a firework show... love it!!! GREAT fun!
Travel safe

Jim and Sandie said...

AAHH - a wonderful day and a storm that passed you by.

Phyllis said...

Fireworks out visible out the rear window! How cool is that. We love meeting and talking with other full timers AND future full timers. Looks like you do too.