Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sudbury - Dynamic Earth and The Big Nickel

(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) Hi 77 Lo 62 --  It  looked like rain today so we decided to find a theater and go see a movie, and see a little of Sudbury on the way. We loaded Nuvi (our GPS) with the address of the theater and headed downtown. It's a bigger town then what we've been to so far (except for Ottawa), and we've heard so many things about it. We found the theater, but I'm glad Jim saw it to our right because Nuvi wanted us to turn left. We were a little early for the movie so we had lunch at a Subway across the street. When we went to buy our tickets for the movie "Cars 2" we found out there were only 27 seats left, which meant we'd probably have to sit way down in front. That wouldn't be fun for us, and we weren't interested in any of the other movies starting within the next half hour. So we decided to skip the movies for today.

We then updated Nuvi with the address to Dynamic Earth. This area has a long history of mining nickel, and Dynamic Earth is an elaborate exhibit of that history, including a chance to go down 65 feet into a mine. After paying $5.00 just to park, we decided not to pay the $20 (each) admission, it just wasn't high enough on our "value meter." However, we did get to see Sudbury's famous "Big Nickel," a 30-foot replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel. Here it is from the parking lot. The building on the right is the main facility of the Dynamic Earth exhibit.
At 30 feet in diameter it's listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest coin.

I didn't know I was that strong!  :)

The site is on a hill that overlooks the outskirts of Sudbury

This is an example of the rock formations you see all over this area of Ontario
On the way home we decided at the last minute that I should fill up with gas before Thursday's travel day. We found a truck stop, but they sell only to commercial carriers so we had to find another station. We ended up back tracking a few miles before we found a station. But they don't sell diesel, so Jim has to go out tomorrow to look for another station to fill his truck. It wasn't a good day for Jim. He didn't get to see a movie, his lunch sandwich wasn't good, we got the runaround at the truck stop, and he was miffed that we had to pay $5.00 just to park the car to take some pictures. It just wasn't his day, so when we got back to the RV he took a nap while I watched TV and read blogs. Fortunately, his bad moods don't last long. :)


Sandra said...

We went to see the big nickel in the evening - no one in the booth so no parking charge!

I know we filled up with diesel downtown somewhere but don't remember where it was. Guess that doesn't help! LOL

GGuncle said...

cant you ask your droid to find you a gas station close to your location.?I think my garmin has that function, haveta ask ellen shes the gaget lady.ps love your blog,feel like i'm right there with you & jim. dom

Jim and Dee said...

Note for GGuncie: we can't use our Droids here in Canada, it's a different setup and very costly. We did find a fuel stop webpage thanks to another blogger.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

I didn't care much for Sudbury when I was there but that was 40 years ago. I had hoped you'd find a different experience. At least you have TV and wifi! :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't take the mine tour. You would of enjoyed it. It is like a museum, the setup is still like when it was in use. Kitchens, sleep rooms, vehicles etc are still there. But very rustic.