Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meeting with Friends – Ready to Move on

(Gordonville, PA) Hi 79 Low 60 – A wonderful night's sleep... FINALLY! All was quiet except for a storm that came through just before bedtime. It had some bright lightning and loud thunder but it didn’t last long.

Friday we received an email from Bernie and Linda, a couple we met this past winter in Arcadia, Florida. They've been following our blog and saw that we were only a few miles from them. We went to meet them at their park a little south of Strasburg. They are fellow Cameo owners, and we sat outside their rig and talked for a while and then to lunch at Issac’s Restaurant and Deli, the same place we went yesterday. It was nice seeing them again.

Linda, Jim, and Bernie
IMG_1221 (800x600)

IMG_1225 (800x600)

Thanks Bernie and Linda for letting us know you're in the area. We’ll see you in Florida this winter.

After a very tasty lunch we came back home to get ready for tomorrow's travel.  Along the way we saw more of the back roads of Pennsylvania. The big farms.
IMG_1224 (800x600)

The rolling hills and roads.
IMG_1222 (800x600)
The buggies going home from church.
IMG_1227 (800x600)

We’ve noticed a lot of the houses in the area have large stars on their sides. We asked what the significance was, and we were told it's just the latest fad in home decoration. One popular explanation is that the star stands for family. The point on top stands for God, the left and right points stand for mother and father, and the two bottom points stand for children.  That’s good enough for me.
2011-5-31 country acres (4) (800x600)

We both needed fuel so Jim filled up with diesel on the way home, then took my car to get it filled up. We kept an eye on the NASCAR race from Kansas this afternoon while we started putting things away for a quick hitch up tomorrow morning. We have to dump our tanks on the way out, so we want to get a little earlier start.  We’re headed for New York, a new state for Tumbleweed.

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hi guys its Donna.
1st off beautiful pic of our city,
I remember the first time I was in Pa on the way to Sams parents. was really enthralled by the pennsylvania dutch style even on the barns, in the pastoral area is was so pretty. When we brought Sams mom bsck with us, we actually had to stop the car when she saw cows. She was a city girl her whole life, and had never traveled. She was like a little kid ---had never seen a cow before. Well as Sam would say be safe out there, I say have fun.