Sunday, April 18, 2010

More on the Escapees Park and Escapees Organization

The temperature dropped to high 30's last night and the furnace ran quite a bit.  When we got up we found out why... we left the windows open.  But it seems wherever we go it's cooler.  Oh well, we are going NORTH.   We try to have a rest day after a travel day and today was no exception.  We basically didn't do anything.

I took more pictures of the park.  Behind us there's trails, but we haven't been on them yet.  There's a brook, or stream now that there's been no rain.  It's a really nice area that gives a calming feeling

The rest of the park is nice. This is the budding trees at the entrance.
This is the clubhouse and laundry. They're adding a new addition for more room to put in a library and gathering place.
This will be the area where they're converting from 30 to 50 amp sites. There's a pool and bathhouse.

View from the clubhouse down a row of RV's.  We're at the far end.
Our site, the one with the red car in the middle.

We talked with the manager about Escapees and how they handle people coming in to their parks.  Escapees is like Passport America, or Good Sams, or Coast to Coast.  You pay a membership fee, then you get a discount at parks they have around the USA.  Instead of me explaining, please go to the website and read what they have to offer.  We're going to the Escapade, an Escapees rally in Goshen, Indiana on September 12-17.  We're looking forward to meeting other Escapees, or SKP's as they're called.

This morning we did computer work.  Then we sat outside with the warm sun and cool breeze talking to the neighbors around us.  We had one couple leave and a couple hours later another couple came in.  There was a music get together from 2:00-4:00, then an ice cream social at 4:30.  It was a great time and we met a lot of people. We sat outside till it was too cool just chatting.

Tomorrow we'll be working on the RV and car to get them cleaned up.


Rod Ivers said...

Dee, SKP is way more than any of those other discount camper clubs that you listed. When you are in a SKP park you are with a large RV family that wants to hug you upon arrival and truly cares about your welfare. Try going to a 4 PM happy hour at a Passport America or Good Sam park. They don't exist! You will enjoy almost every SKP park you go to. Kind of like an ongoing rally.

Merikay said...

Housework never ends.

Have a nice day tomorrow.