Sunday, February 28, 2010

Securing the RV for Travel - Olympics Hockey

The morning was spent with Jim's Sunday morning shows while I got breakfast. We checked emails, a few blogs and worked on getting stuff secured in the RV. We've been here awhile it's time to put stuff away.

I started with the bedroom and put everything tightly in the cabinet. The bathroom was next with just a few things to put in the cabinets. Then the refrigerator. I took out anything we're not going to eat for the next four days. The living room was easy and so was the kitchen. I cleaned and swept. I also did the budget for the month, which didn't look good since we paid fees for the apartment and the RV. Propane cost was down quit a bit, so guess we figured out how to manage that, finally.

Jim did all the outside stuff. About the time the race and the hockey game came on he was out putting on the pressure pro on the tires. I had to help with the back tires, it was just too cold to fool with them for long, so we have the back dually's still to do. Both tanks are dumped and the fresh water is at 2/3 full.

Today is the Olympic hockey game between USA and Canada. It went into overtime and was a super great game. Congrats to all the Canadians!

We also had the NASCAR race on at the same time. We went back and forth watching both, but luckily the end of the race was AFTER the hockey game. Hockey and racing is our favorite sports so it was a great day.

We're hoping to leave about 9 for the dealer tomorrow morning. We'll need to hook up and take off. I'll be following behind with the satellite dish. We're hoping all works out and we get on the road after most of the people go to work. We'll be at the dealer lot tomorrow night. Now our time has come to move on.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the score: CANADA 3 USA 2 Canada wins Gold Medal!