Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WE HAVE SATELLITE - We're Happy Campers

We're getting a good handle on the heat during the night. We have to keep the bedroom/bathroom door open to keep the furnace from running a lot. It's set to 72 which is actually 68 and we're comfortable. The nights are going to be getting colder this next week, but we'll do fine.

I worked at finding a place to put the boxes from the apartment I brought back yesterday. It's a challenge to keep the things very handy that we use daily or weekly and put the other boxes in other areas that's not used as often. I have a lot to do this next week to get ready for moving the RV if we can go on some short trip in the next couple weeks.

The biggest news of the day is the Satellite installation. The TV in the living room and the bedroom are now setup. We'll get a friend later next week to help setup the new TV that's still at the apartment. The TV in the bedroom can have a different channel then the living room. We have HDTV in the living room but not the bedroom which is fine. We can TiVo a show in the living room and continue watching it in the bedroom if we want to go to bed.

These are the guys setting up the Satellite. Jim is watching and the new guy in the middle is his first day today, was watching the pro to the right set it up.

The dish has bricks to hold it down. We were wondering about taking my car and I'll follow Jim in the 5er. Well, now that we have this setup it's no longer a question. I'll be going behind. We really wanted to do that to begin with at least for awhile. We're going to love it.

We're snug as a bug in the new house on wheels. Once we get to parks with social activities, the TV will be secondary, but for places like we are now, we're set. We're looking forward to

getting to Texas in 44 days.


Gypsy said...

Congratulations on the new set up. You will love it, and it's good to make a decision about what you want and want to do.

roamingwhenwecan said...

Great to hear you are all set up.. Tell Jim he has done very well going this long without it..We had no tv last night and lets just say it wasnt our best night!