Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The alarm clock scared me to death this morning. I raised straight up not knowing what it was at first and that's with MUSIC, I can't imagine what it would be like with the buzzer. I've never used the buzzer because I'm such a light sleeper.

I had a chiropractor appointment at 9:30 was out by 10:00 and came back home to watch a couple TiVo'd shows.. I left at 11:30 to get to work. I did nothing at work. I never did see Mr. boss and Mrs boss was out more then in all afternoon. She's trying to get a bunch of doctors appointments done before I quit work. I played bejeweled and read blogs the entire afternoon.

All day I've been thinking about "TIME". The guy with the twins told me his kids are one year old tomorrow. It's been one year and three months since he was hired, and nothing has changed. He's still late about every morning. He still fights with the boss. Time hasn't changed anything. I read a few blogs today that mentioned time. One was not worrying about anything and go with the flow which meant taking off his watch. There's no need for a time piece, you eat when you're hungry you go to bed when you're tired, or get up when you can't sleep anymore.

I'm waiting again on something that will change our lives. Like one of the comments on the blog said, "it's like waiting for a baby". How true that is. I need to have something to look forward to and the past 4 years have been a passing of time which has gone fast at times and very slow most of the "time". How we look at time is how content we are with the "now". I get bored very quickly, always have and too old to change it now. I don't want to change it, I want something to do and something to see, so "time" on the road sounds like it's the right place to be.

When I got home there was a pizza truck outside the apartment office. I remember seeing a sign that you can get pizza for dinner for $8. I decided that's the thing to do tonight. It sure was good and I didn't have to cook.

Working days to quit work 41
This countdown is only for WORKING days.

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