Sunday, October 18, 2009

Followup on the Concert - Fast Sunday

I still can't hear and I have a headache, but sure worth it The Australian Pink Floyd concert last night was good, but I liked the U2 concert was a little better. The music was from several albums that they've had and it was 100% the same sound as the original group.

It was a cold morning and rained off and on. I'm like a lot of others I need some sun. We didn't do much today. Jim read and I watched a lot of the TV shows that were on TiVo. I also rearranged the cabinet of cans. I took a lot of stuff out for baking and put them in a plastic tub just to give me more room. I baked some cherry tarts and read blogs the rest of the day. I also helped mom with some computer questions.

Today went fast and I guess we're ready for another week of work. The RV-Dreams rally has been planned and we're going to plan to go this time in Myrtle, Beach South Carolina . Now we're looking forward to Texas and Myrtle Beach between March and April. May will be in Indiana for a college graduation.

We also got an email from the people that saw our condo and I told them about fulltiming. They have their RV at Dickens campground where we're going so hopefully we can meet up next month. There's not a whole lot we can do now till our RV gets here, hopefully in at least three weeks.

We have an invite to go to Morehead City, NC for Thanksgiving with Jim's family. We're hoping to have the RV and take it down. We'll have a ball.

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Vera said...

Good luck getting your 5thwheel for your Thanksgiving fun time. I hope it's not a "nail-biting" time for you :-)Sounds like you had a good time at the concert but it's oh so hard on the ears. I could never sit through that.