Monday, September 28, 2009

CARRIAGE CAMEO is on the Production Line

It won't be long I'll not have to worry about getting up on Monday. It's sooooo early!!! Ok, for some of you it's not early, but for me it is. I'm happy with 10:00am wake up times.

Work went well. I killed off five hours with chat, Farmtown and actually work stuff for a couple hours. I also did some errands for the boss which was nice to kill some time.

I left work and picked up mom to go to the mall. She wanted some shoes fixed, which had some loose soles and I just wanted to see what's in the mall. There's a lot of new stores from the last time I was there. We left there and went for groceries. We both needed lunch stuff so got way too many frozen dinners. I took them home and actually got them to fit in the freezer.

At 4:30, I took mom to her doctors appointment for surgery on her toe. She's had some problems with it for a very long time. She's re-cooping at home so I'll check on her in the morning to be sure she's doing ok.

I got home and Jim told me he called our dealer who called the factory manager which told him our CARRIAGE is on the production line! We'll know more of the details on when it might be delivered later this week. Now we're both really excited. I'll keep you informed.

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