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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to New Hampshire

(Epsom, NH) Hi 66 Lo 62 -- It was overcast with occasional drizzle as we hitched up this morning for the trip back to New Hampshire. It was a very smooth trip back to Circle 9 Family Campground in Epsom, NH. We decided to return to the same park we were in a couple of weeks ago because we liked it, and it's one of the few places in this part of the country where we can get a satellite TV signal.

We arrived a little before 3pm and got set up. When we hooked up to 50-amp our Surge Guard wouldn't "approve" the incoming voltage for some reason. We hooked up to the 30-amp plug with our adapter and all is well. We told the office about the problem and they're going to check it out tomorrow. We're fine with 30 amps though.

We have a full timing couple next to us in a beautiful DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel, with a huge heavy duty truck for their tow vehicle. After we got set up we sat under their awning and chatted for awhile. Turns out they live in Wachula, FL during the winter, just a few miles from our park in Avon Park.

We're here for five days, which will get us through the Labor Day weekend. We're not sure what we're going to do. I think mostly we'll just stay close to home and rest up from all the fun we had in Maine. We'll see...


Gypsy said...

Enjoy your days of rest. It's a good thing to be hunkered down through Labor Day.

Jim and Judy said...

Y'all deserve a few days rest. We are starting our travel "to do" list, had the oil changed today.

Speedy said...

We might have to add this state to our places. As long as it is cool in the summer I will go there...LOL