Friday, February 8, 2013

Busy Day at the RV Park

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 81 Lo 63 -- We were supposed to get rain but it disappeared over night. If it stays dry for much longer we won’t have to mow the grass around the RV before we leave, it’s drying up.

Today our park hosted a shuffleboard tournament. Glenada RV park came to play our Adelaide shufflers. Adelaide won. It’s only bragging rights. They start around 8:30 and play till 11:30, with a break of donuts and coffee at the half way point. That's my kind of sporting event! It was great to watch pros in action, and no I didn’t participate. They were out of my league.

2013-2-8 shuffleboard tournament adelaide (1)

2013-2-8 shuffleboard tournament adelaide (3)

People in the "grandstand" urging them on.
2013-2-8 shuffleboard tournament adelaide (4)

2013-2-8 shuffleboard tournament adelaide (6)

All five courts were in use, with 22 people playing on each side.

I went back home to eat some lunch, then back to the clubhouse to play a couple hours of Mexican Train (Dominos). I finally got the hang of it and, for the first time, didn’t get the highest (worst) score. After that Jim went for a walk with me. He needs to walk as much as I do, so we’re keeping each other motivated. I crocheted the rest of the evening. I’m making an afghan now, which is much easier than the vest I did.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I love Saturdays. I get to sleep later and get more time on the computer to catch up on blogs. A weekend of rest from my busy week days. :)

What a wonderful day in paradise.


Bob and Jo said...

Seems like every day is a busy day, how did we ever find time to work.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

For sure, that is the kind of busy everyone would like to have:)

Jim and Judy said...

Please pass our congrats to "shufflers". Looking forward to seeing your afghan when it is finished.

Speedy said...

They might have won if you had played

KarenInTheWoods said...

I agree with Speedy... you should have joined up!
Karen and Steve
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