Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Me" Day

(Scott AFB, IL ) Hi 75 Lo 43 -- It was a bit warmer today, finally. The weather is warming up and there's a chance of rain all week.

Today we went separate ways. When we do that we call them "me" days. I went to O'Fallon to spend the day with my long time friend Ruth and her hubby Butch. Jim stayed behind and ran some errands on base. Son Frank went on a school field trip today with grandson Kyle to Springfield, IL to see the Lincoln Museum and Lincoln's Tomb. Ruth had lunch ready when I got there, and we spent the whole afternoon talking about our travels. Ruth has traveled quite a bit, so she was telling me her favorite places and what not to miss in our summer travels.

Ruth and Butch

Not much else to report for today. With the grandboys still in school we'll have a lot of time during the days to visit with old friends. In other words a nice, relaxed lifestyle! :)

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Speedy said...

Never leave a stone un-turned. Hope your travels bring you close to Sherri and I this summer. This will be our last summer work bound.